Apps killing your battery life

Android phones are becoming better and smarter every day. But battery draining is one issue that has to be dealt with. But don’t worry, we are here to help  you out. Your device’s battery life can be improved by deleting few of the apps that you no longer need.

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We will run you through the top 5 apps that are the biggest enemy to your device’s battery life.

1. Candy Crush Saga

The first on our list is the Candy Crush which is a gaming app.

The gaming application’s battery usage and data consumption are high according to AVG.

2. Pet Rescue Saga

The next app on the list is another popular gaming app – Pet Rescue Saga.

According to AVG, this app drains on all the three fronts – Battery consumption, Storage space and data usage.

3. Clash of Clans

The app that comes third in our list is Clash of Clans

This famous war game app also drains a lot of battery.

4. Google Play Services

On the fourth place is the Google Play Services.

According to AVG, this application also consumes a lot of battery, storage and consumption of data.

5. Facebook

Next on our list at No.5 is the Social Networking app Facebook.

This app too is said to be one of the hugest drainer on your Android device’s battery.

Botton Line

There is one more thing you should never do in your device. We all would have seen a lot of battery optimization apps that claims to improve battery life. They work by killing the apps that run on the background. This is really a terrible idea as they don’t optimize the battery but work as task killers. So you should always stay away from these battery optimization apps.