Best iPhone translation apps

The iPhone is an excellent device when you’re travelling within the city or abroad. It is small, has a camera, light in weight and connected to the internet which suddenly opens up a lot of new possibilities.

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We will look at some of the best translation apps that you can install in your iPhone so that your next trip can be a lot easier. While some of these apps works in real-time, some of these apps can translate images, and some even work without an internet.

 iTranslate – Free

The iTranslate is not the most amazing translation app, but it is a reliable translation dictionary. The app recognizes over 90 languages instantly and can also translate text. Other features include an option to save your favorite translations and an extension for Apple Watch.

The paid version of the app has offline translation, voice translation and website translation as well.

Google Translate – Free

Google Translate is the most commonly used app for translation. It can translate words as you speak or text you type in the app. It also has the facility to download specific languages for offline translation.

But the best part of Google Translate is featuring Word Lens. With the help of Word Lens, you can point your iPhone’s camera at any signboard and watch it being translated in real time.

SpeakText – Free

The SpeakText lets you translate web pages and text documents. If you have text documents or web pages in other languages that need to be translated, then SpeakText is an essential app to have on your device.

SayHi Translate – Free

SayHi provides accurate speech recognition results. The app combines language with dialect which as a result provides accurate translation.

If you are looking to learn languages then you might consider this over iTranslate or Google Translate.

Voice Translate Pro – $3.99

The voice Translate Pro costs $3.99 and is one of the most best voice translation apps in the market. The app is updated relentlessly and offers you live speech translation. This app is the clear winner when tested in places where obscure languages are spoken.