Beyerdynamic Headphone Amiron Wireless Review

The Amiron headphone is Beyerdynamic’s latest creation. Released only a few months ago with a price of $599, it is a little different than the manufacturer’s other studio headphones. The word that best describes Amiron is “comfortable”. In terms of sound and design, Beyerdynamic’s Amiron headphone is truly comfortable.

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Tesla Technology

Amiron headphone uses a Tesla tech, which makes it ideal for home listening and simple musical pleasure. Using a Tesla tech, Beyerdynamic is able to produce a headphone that allows relatively easy listening. While a dampened version, the headphone retains Tesla tech’s control and clarity.

Build and Comfort

The ear cups and headband of Amiron headphone use Alcantara microfibers and micro velour. As a result, the headphones are super comfortable. You can wear it for hours but it will not feel anything uncomfortable on your head. The build is solid with a well-padded circular cups and headband with an angled arched design.

Finish, Cable, Accessories, and Packaging

It has a charcoal finish with a brush of silver aluminum as accents on the rings. The cable comes with a fair length of 3m, which is dual and detachable. It features a typical packaging you can see in other Beyer products. Inside the box are additional accessories such as the 3m cable, a single set of pads, and some leaflet materials


Beyerdynamic Amiron wireless headphone has superb sound quality.  It can hold a good grip on high frequencies without letting any harshness come through. Amiron is an open back headphone. Because of that, it does not do well in isolating sounds. It is best for indoor listening experiences since other may be able to hear your music.

From the build and design to the sound quality, Beyerdynamic’s Amiron wireless headphone is exceptional. It does well in keeping you entertained listening to good music thanks to a great sound quality even with messy songs. Amiron headphone is sure to keep you happy no matter what song you are listening or playing.