Fenix AR Augmented-Reality Helmet Review

Back in 2016, you may have heard of the name Skully Technologies, which had an ill-fated campaign in Indiegogo. Back then, Skully was able to raise about $2.5 million of pre-orders for an augmented-reality helmet but then ceased operations. This left their backers helpless with expectations.

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This year, Skully Technologies is about to make things right with the release of their new augmented-reality helmet. Skully Technology’s backers who contributed before will get to have their latest helmet when summer comes this year. Now called Skully Fenix AR, this new augmented reality helmet features the cool tech that cars have had for a time now.

Rear-View Camera and Head-Up Display

Fenix AR’s tech provides it with a rear-view camera, one capable of displaying a 180-degree view. It is genuinely a cool feature being able to see a whole 180-degree view through the helmet’s transparent heads-up display. You can find the heads-up display at the helmet screen’s bottom right corner. This way, you no longer need to look down to look at mirrors or anything when driving. Even better, you can use the helmet’s display to navigate every turn.

GPS System

As mentioned before, you can use the helmet for turn-by-turn navigation. This is because Fenix AR comes with a GPS system. Most cars today come equipped with GPS for easy navigation to your destination. Today, even motorcycle owners can access the advantage that GPS offers. It is a neat feature that bikers would surely love. Skully is sure making a highly anticipated comeback that we really think is awesome.

Smartphone Control

In addition to the rearview camera and navigation, it also has smartphone use. You can pair Fenix AR with a smartphone using Bluetooth. This way, you can control and use the helmet for playing music and even making calls. Moreover, you can play music and make calls hands-free since both are voice-activated. This is a great safety feature since the use of a phone while driving is one of the standard causes of motorcycle accidents.