Grammarly launches iOS Keyboard App

The latest from Grammarly is their new Keyboard app for iOS devices. You can download it from iOS App Store right now. Once downloaded you can add Grammarly from the settings. The app auto corrects grammar with the help of their software which constantly looks for grammatical mistakes irrespective of sentence combinations in any app that uses a keyboard.

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Grammarly Keyboard is able to find content related mistakes on grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Grammarly Premium is also available and the premium users has a variety of style enhancements to choose and also have progressive word choice options. Another exciting feature with Grammarly is that for each correction there is a short description explaining why Grammarly had to fix the error, which is a learning step for the users.

Grammarly’s blog post describe how the app is beneficial in apps like Facebook, Twitter, Messages, Mail, Tinder, and more. The app can also warn you on a text edit before you click the send message.

The keyboard merges and integrates on all your access to writing in the phone helping you look professional all the time.

The app certainly explains the amount of linguistic technology used for development, their algorithms work on identifying grammatical or spelling mistakes, extends in correcting confusing sentences that makes your receiver wonder what you are talking about.

Just downloading the Grammarly app won’t make any difference, you have to enable full access to the keyboard settings so hit the globe icon and manoeuvre to select Grammarly and enjoy their features.