Hello to Google Allo


The Google Allo was launched in September 2016 to compete with the other messaging apps. To stand out from the other messaging apps like the Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, Google introduced a pinch of artificial intelligence to it thanks to its Google Assistant. The Google Allo app is available in Android Play Store and Apple App store.

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Allo can be used on mobile devices, there is also a browser version of the app that was released one year after the app was launched. Setting up of the app is very simple. The app can be used once you enter the mobile number and the app detects it.

As already said, Google Assistant is added inside Google Allo. But what is more entertaining is – you can chat with the assistant just like Siri or Amazon Alexa and the assistant will learn from what you say. For example, when chatting with the assistant you say that your favorite color is blue the Google Assistant will remember that. So next time you can ask questions like “Show me bags in my favorite color” and Google Assistant will show you bags which are blue in color.

Everything you ask Google Assistant will be stored automatically on the Google Servers and encryption is not ON by default. You need to use the incognito mode which many users will not be aware of. By using Incognito mode your messages will not be stored in Google server. Once the message is deleted from your phone it will be gone forever, it will not be on your phone or on the Google’s servers.


  • Outstanding interface
  • Easy to set up
  • Google Assistant integration
  • Colorful sticker packs


  • Limited third-party app integration with Google Assistant
  • Fussy search
  • Cannot use third party stickers


Should you switch to Allo? Well, messaging in Allo is not as fun as most other apps. While the Whatsapp and Facebook messenger offers video calling facility, Google launched a separate app for it called Google Duo. Also with so many other features missing, it is not fair to ask someone to switch to Google Allo