How to Voice Train Your Amazon Echo Device

Alexa is Amazon Echo’s voice assistant. It is great to have an assistant like Alexa to take care of your every need. The only problem is Alexa can often misunderstand commands and questions. Alexa is far from perfect but there is a lot of hope in future development to fix these issues.

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You can train your Amazon Echo device to understand your commands and accuracy improves with time. For instance, speaking aloud using the same words and phrases, you can get Alexa to have a better grasp of the way you speak. Voice training is possible for first and second-generation Amazon Echo devices.

Steps to Train Alexa to Better Understand You

Here are simple steps to guide you on how to train your Amazon Echo device. Get your Echo Plus now and start the training.

  1. Open Alexa app. Tap the menu icon then go to Settings.
  2. Scroll to the bottom until you find the Voice Training option.
  3. Choose which Echo to train if you have more than one device in your home. Tap the device then tap Done. The Alexa device will now be in training mode.
  4. In the next screen that appears, you will find an explanation of what will happen during voice training. There are 25 phrases read aloud for training. You can proceed by tapping Next.
  5. The next step is when you start reading the phrases aloud. Your app will display the phrases one by one. Read them loud and clear before tapping Next. There is pause and cancel options too.
  6. Let your Amazon Echo device listen as you continue reading through the phrases. When the last sentence appears, tap Complete once you are done.

With voice training, there is a good chance of your Alexa device will become more responsive. This way, she will be less susceptible to misunderstanding your commands and questions. If this voice training is not enough, you can start a new session with another set of 25 sentences for training.