Reddit iOS app

Reddit ios app

Everyone knows Reddit is a social news and discussion site. They have officially launched the ios app version with a major update in order to compete with third-party apps like Apollo.

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The update brings in a new theater mode where GIFs, photos, and videos can be viewed in full-screen, portrait or landscape mode. It also has an option to open links to third-party browsers compared to the inbuilt browsers.

Other features like live comments and a new chat feature let users stay in connection with the real time news outbreaks and hot topics. The new chat feature is nothing different to a private chat feature but it was a necessary add on. Both these features were beta tested on their website earlier.

Informational label called “flair” which is used to filter posts on Reddit is also added on mobile. The feed carries the usernames for the original feed to show more clarity on a mobile interface.

The “Mod Mode” is available on the site and it allows moderators to approve, remove, and flag content with the help of a switch on and off feature. The “Mod Queue” feature allows easier control over the subreddits.

The latest update is the biggest update by the company after retiring the official Reddit app in 2016.

Reddit also announced that they are keen to enhance mobile experience as the younger generation on Reddit expects the same. Research shows that over 58% of the users are 18 to 34 years old and they have set preferences to mobile and web apps as the favorite viewing interface. Reddit has a 330 million active user around the globe with almost 9 million post a month.