Samsung S Ray Review

Samsung S-Ray is a part of the product line-up of Samsung’s C-Labs. The S-Ray or Sound Ray is a new device Samsung is developing. This is Samsung’ attempt at creating a directional speaker designed so you can listen to your music without disturbing the people around you.

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Omni-Directional Sound

People often use headphones to listen to their music without disturbing those around them. However, music direct to your ears could be damaging. Samsung S-Ray provides you an alternative to headphones by directing sound so only one person can listen to it.

Portable and Low Priced                                                   

Granted, directional speakers are not exactly new. A couple of years ago, somebody already tried creating speakers that focuses sound only to your direction. However, Samsung is promising the new S-Ray speakers that it will be easier to use, portable and more affordably priced.

Isolated Sounds

Samsung shows off on its blog a video about different you can use the speaker. For instance, you can put the S-Ray on the handlebars of your bike. This way, you can listen to your music without blocking the sounds of the outside world.

This is actually quite handy and useful since S-Ray is able to isolate sounds. It means you can still hear the outside world unlike when you are wearing headphones. S-Ray means to let you listen to your music without it mixing with other sounds and preserving the silence of other people.

Multiple Form-Factors

Samsung plans to display their new speaker in different forms. There are forms S-Ray speaker will come to – S-Ray Neck Bend, S-Ray Mini and S-Ray Handy. Mini and Handy are portable speakers you can use when in public places.

The S-Ray products are all lightweight and small enough to carry anywhere. You can clip S-Ray mini to your clothes, or you can clip Handy to your monitor or bike handlebars. The idea of listening to your music without mixing with outside sounds is definitely awesome.

Samsung S-Ray is an awesome noise-cancellation device that would be great to use in real-life. Both S-Ray Handy and Mini would be great to use when you are outside. At the same time, the neckband could be more comfortable to use than headphones.