Spotify app review

Spotify is one of the best apps when it comes to streaming music. It has over 30 million songs under its shelf and also a lot of features. The app has been going strong for over 9 years with a bit of improvement every year. It is available in the three major operating systems – android, ios and Windows.

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Spotify can be downloaded free of cost. The free plan consists of advertisements that play between songs and a lot of features available in the premium version is not available in the free plan. Offline listening is also not possible in the free version.

Spotify premium is Spotify’s flagship product and costs $9.99 per month. There is also a family plan available and costs $5 for every extra person. Using premium you can search and play any song or album. You can play uninterrupted music with better audio quality than the basic one.

Spotify’s sound quality is excellent when connected to a reliable network. When connected to a strong wifi network, the streaming sound quality can be increased. There are three sound quality available – Normal (96 Kbps), High (160 Kbps) and Extreme (320 Kbps). The extreme quality is available only for premium users. I was more than happy with the sound quality of Spotify. The ability to change the sound quality is a plus.

To sum up, Spotify has some flaws and limitations but is better than any other music streaming apps in the market. The music player is simple, lightweight, and has a wide collection of songs. The premium version having excellent audio quality and offline listening capability is a blessing for music lovers.


  • Huge collection of music
  • Compatible with ios, Andriod and Windows
  • Offline listening capability
  • Unlimited streaming


  • Limitations for free account
  • No radio facility
  • Poor search